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This class is for everyone who feels the call to dive deep. To press the reset button and to look at the cracks in your being to discover what is there. It's for everyone who is feeling like there is more to life than the life that is being lived. It's for everyone who has been going through the collective awakening and is ready to start manifesting the new world. For everyone that feels the innervoice calling to wake up and to start creating. 

The flow of classes




De Alexanderhoeve

De Grie 5B

1797 RB Den Hoorn Texel

The Nativa  retreat is an day retreat with one on one guidance, we offer 2 meals during the day and some basic snacks. Since we aim to reach all of our community and beyond we work with different prices as described below: 

Abundance Ticket: €2600,-

If you can afford it and want to support the journey of others. 

Regular Ticket: €2200, –
The regular price for participating in the retreat. Please contact us if you prefer to pay (max 3) instalments at

Scholarship Ticket: €1800,- 

1 ticket available for the people with a lower income and or students.


We will start with the body. 

In this life we carry all that we do and what we feel inside of ourselves. And more often than not we store it. We don't always know how to release it, we just take it with us. From this perspective you could say that you have a lot of build up and stored tension in your body, still, and is in some way not allowing you to fully go into deep relaxation. 

Some of us experienced trauma, some of us were thought to be quiet and swallow our words, and some of us simply don't like the way we look. Some of us didn't fully incarnate in our human forms and are fragmented. No matter who you are or what you experienced, the body is keeping the score (great book by Bessel van der kolk). This can cause us to not feel secure and safe in our bodies anymore. It can create the feeling that the place where our spirit lives is not a good place to be, a place of danger. This will make it impossible to be able to relax. And when we can not relax, rest, feel peace, we are running through life, listening to fear instead of our highest being. 

It's time to come back home into our bodies. To connect with the strength and the beauty of who we are and how we carry ourselves. The way we connect with our bodies and speak to it and take care of it is going to play a massive part in how we feel and how we present ourselves in life. 



The biggest joke of all might be that no one really knows what consciousness is. But when we ask people to show us literally where they feel, most of the time they will put their hands on their hearts. We all know that there is something in us. We all know on some level that we are not our thoughts, that we are not are bodies, we are a higher being having a human experience. 

We know a few ways to connect with spirit, and one of the ways we teach. 

It's the plant medicine way. The mind is a maze of a constant flow of information. Our linear thinking ability sometimes makes it impossible for us to stand still and be with one thought for more than a minute. In this maze of information the neural pathways do their jobs, and sometimes maybe too well. Because sometimes we walk the same path over and over again, while it's actually not the best thing for us to do anymore. In these ways plant medicine supports us to stop for a minute and to connect with spirit. To rewire the pathways and to create a new narrative. During the Nativa Retreat we will work with tobacco medicine. 

Tobacco in the form of rape´, which makes it possible to recieve the medicine via a ´snuff´. 

The plants will reveal as much as you can see and are open to at this moment, all is divine timing. They can show up in thoughts, in visions, in colours and/or sound.  They will always match the most accessible way for you to expand and heal.  It is medicine after all.

We call it travelling instead of using because we move through different layers of consciousness. All with the aim to connect with who we truly are. To reconnect with our essence.



It is only human to have the desire to understand, in fact it is one of the necesites for humanity to evolve.  We are living in the age of information. There is so much information available for us nowadays that sometimes we get lost from our own truth. And a big part of how our brain works is to define who we are by the information that is available for us. 

A lot of different aspects come into play when we start to travel through our minds. 

The family we were born in, the gender we identify ourselves with, the culture we live in, our seksuality, your nature and nurture and many more. All these constructs have been built by our thoughts about it. In order to change anything we first must be aware of them. Most of the time we get a signal from our body and/or our emotional manifestations. Something is off and to discover what the root is, we have to dig into the amazing creation that is the mind. To travel through your mind and thoughts and unpack everything that is there. It's a project for sure, but it is essential to our expansion. Only by knowing what we know, knowing what we don't know we can get access to the biggest part of our consciousness, which is the part of: not knowing what we don't know. There is magica to be found there, which has the potential to change your life.

When we have created awareness in these parts we can then from a conscious place start to make space. The space to make choices that are ´ on purpose´ and by this movement we will be able to choose our lives as they unfold. We will focus by mapping your genetics and release your negative epi genetic imprints to allow your mind to think about who you are from a place of freedom.

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