Life is changing and shifting faster then ever. We are all transforming and merging with the new world and finding our place in it. We have been challenged to think outside of the box and find new ways to express ourselves. From the place of the wish to create a space for humans to learn and expand the Nativa Collected was born. The Collective is a tribe of teachers bonded by the decication to awaken, to guide and teach the new ways of the new world. 


To get into it, we've build a program, an experience, a retreat. NATIVA.  This week is all about digging into your roots and reconnecting with your highest being. We will anchor this place in such a way that when you go home you will know who you are again, and you will know what direction in life you are going to take.

During this week we will focus on the three anchors we work with. Body, Spirit and Mind. Read all about the program HERE. 

NATIVA  2022 November
21 nov. 10:00 – 27 nov. 10:00
De locatie wordt later bepaald