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We are shifting, the world is changing and she is demanding a different approach towards our human experience. The way we are manifesting in life, individually, collectively and in our connection to Pacha Mama. Plant medicine helps us to access our subconsciousness and inspires us to create a different perspective so we can choose to rewrite our pathways.

By divine design the plants' purpose is to travel to your human system. It creates awareness; where have you been, where you are now. This awareness creates the space we need to write new narratives and change the choices we make on a day to day base. 

The plants will reveal as much as you can see and are open to at this moment, all is divine timing. They can show up in thoughts, in visions, in colours and/or sound.  They will always match the most accessible way for you to expand and heal.  It is medicine after all.

We call it travelling instead of using because we move through different layers of consciousness. All with the aim to connect with who we truly are. To reconnect with our essence.




Within our ceremonies we work with grandfather Tobacco. According to the tradition this is the first of the Teacher plants. With the spirit of Father Tobacco the natives are in direct contact with Mother Earth and Source. Tobacco teaches the way of our ancestors and shows the way towards balance and peace.

Tobacco knows many forms and traditions and is linked to the element of fire.  Without words Tobacco reminds us of who we are, where we came from. 


The way we work with tobacco is by smoking and Rapé. Rapé is a snuff, a blend of Mapacho (tobacco) and other herbs, according to it's origine. It's been used by the natives of the Amazon for decades. Every tribe has its own blends, it's own ways and it's own effects. A blend with Guausa (ecuador) will uplift you spiritually. If you have a blend with wild mint it will provide you with a deep feeling of silence. The varieties are endless

The Rapé will be blown into each nostril,  a direct effect is the experience of silencing the mind, the ego and this leads to a new perspective. The Mapaco will make you experience grounding, connection to yourself and clear thoughts. You will be able to go into a deep meditative state where you can work with all that arises for you.



​For us the most important aspect of organising these ceremonies is to show  you a way to work with the plants. There are many misconceptions about how to work with plants. More than that, there is a lot of cultural appropriation around our whole culture.  Our wish is to share our old and new traditions by storytelling and experience the travelling itself

There are some parts in the mind that can feel challenging to access with the consiousness you are used to. Plant medicine helps you to connect deeper and to still the mind so you can connect with your spirit again. Plant medicine helps you to do this. Do you feel the call to step into the circle, to deepen your knowledge and meet different layers of your own identity. You are most welcome to sit with us. 

Vogel 2


Location:  Haarlem - Amsterdam

Time:  11:00 am to 18:00 pm

Investment:  €220,-

Healthy vegetarian food will be provided during the day. After the day you will have the tools


As a part of the after care there are two check-in moments. Four days and two weeks after the ceremony. We are always available for any questions or any guidance you feel you want after the ceremony. We are there to make sure the integration process is smooth and soft.

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