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Nali Vena is created by Lina Perlaza and Navaya Real Castillo.


Lina was initiated by Liuberth Freites through the grace of the Piaroa Tribe in Venezuela. Lina has been working with Nua (Yopo) for over 4 years. Now walking her path with Grandfather Tobacco. Lina is highly skilled and experienced with guiding people through the plant medicine path. 

Navaya has been working in the field of self development for over 15 years. She specialises in working with  generational trauma, vortex healing, cognitive behavioural practices and plant medicine. She is now combining all these different aspects with her roots and knowledge about the human experience in Nali Vena.

Both women are indigenous Colombian and migrated to the west many years ago. They have created this space to educate about plant medicine in combination with cognitive behavioural practices and healing. 

Why now?


The way plant medicine has been 'used' does not resonate with our ancient traditions. We observe that guidance is missing in the way ceremonies are held.


Many people are looking for different ways to heal and expand their view on life. Plants obviously offer this in different ways. We feel a calling to bring knowledge and context to working with plant medicine and to do our part in restoring the balance. This is why we do not only offer to travel through the (sub) consciousness but also focus on the integration of your experience.


We will teach you the origin of the plants, the different traditions, how to bring what you have experienced during the ceremony into your day to day life. Our aim is to  make 'sure' that the plants are not only used as an isolated experience, but as the medicine it actually is.

Image by Anette Bratteberg
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We walk this path with you





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