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We strongly believe that working together is the way forward. We love to create together, practice in different kinds of medicine and rise by lifting each other. We express and manifest healing in many different ways of creative expression.


We are happy to welcome you to Nali Vena led by Lina Perlaza and Navaya Real Castillo, both Indigenous from Colombia. Nali Vena is the combination of education about and travelling with plants, supported by cognitive behavioural therapy practices. We are combining the ancient and sacred knowledge of the  plants with the actual effects  of travelling with them.


An integral part of the journey is  integration. After the ceremony we offer many different options to keep exploring, expanding and integrating the medicine.  We invite you to create new pathways, discover new narratives and combine the magical with your human experience. Within the ceremony we focus on the magic of the plants but also the implementation of the experience in your daily life.




Indigenous peoples from South America are the Earth Keepers by nature. We are deeply connected to nature and all its plants. We have been able to communicate with the universe in a profound way,to help the earth grow and heal. This is our heritage.



In ceremony it's about the astral teaching of Grandfather Tobacco. Literaly sitting in circle and diving in. This day is about what other use the Tobacco plant has. Getting to know yourself trought working with the plant.



  • NATIVA  2023
    ma 23 jan.
    Alexanderhoeve Texel
    23 jan. 2023 10:00 – 29 jan. 2023 17:00
    Alexanderhoeve Texel
    This class is for everyone who feels the call to dive deep. To press the reset button and to look at the cracks in your being to discover what is there. It's for everyone who is feeling like there is more to life than the life that is being lived.



The first time I took my place in the circle I realized that the ceremony is a way for me to connect to my roots. Growing up half German, half Nigerian, in a predominately white environment, I at times feel split between my white upbringing and the part of me that is black. It is a part which I know little of, yet I feel it is a big part of who I am and how I am being perceived by the world around me. For a while now I felt the call to explore my roots and the connection I have to them further, which is what brought me to the ceremony.


During the ceremony I felt nervous but also open to feel and welcome whatever might come up for me. Through Lina’s and Navaya’s constant guidance I experienced an incredible sense of grounding. When grounding myself I felt an extremely strong connection between my mind and body and the absence of the feeling of being split.


I learned that the connection to my roots is stored in my body, even if not stored in the memories of my upbringing. When I manage to ground myself in the way Lina and Navaya guided me to through the ceremony I have access to my roots and can feel a strong presence of them within myself.


As a BIPOC woman I hope to carry this grounding through my everyday experiences and when further exploring my roots.