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We strongly believe that working together is the way forward. We love to create together, practice in different kinds of medicine and rise by lifting each other. We express and manifest healing in many different ways.

As we state; "We heal in community" out of this statement the Nativa Collective was born. The Collective is a tribe of teachers bonded by the dedication to awaken, to guide and teach about the new narative. Reclaiming our roots and healing from a place of grounded divine energy.

    14 jul. 11:00 – 18 jul. 18:00
    De locatie wordt later bepaald
    This class is for everyone who feels the call to dive deep. To press the reset button and to look at the cracks in your being to discover what is there. It's for everyone who is feeling like there is more to life than the life that is being lived.


VIANNEY  - Nativa 2022

"The last week of July I was in Drenthe for the Nativa retreat! I can say I knew it would be a bumpy ride and it was!

 I felt I was already preparing before this week and I couldn't explain my feelings and vibrations in my body. 

So I was unpleasantly ready to dive into this and to explore and see what I had to show up for ;-). It was a week I can't describe with the right words. With so many beautiful women and diversity it felt so amazing and warm. I cried a lot from releasing so much shit and I finally felt so safe in my own body! I felt humble and clean after the first days of understanding my pattern and confusing places I had created. To feel present and safe and so clean is what it felt and to do this path with my Colombian sisters was extraordinary. The plant medicine reminded me of my roots and connection as earth keeper. 

Navaya brings you to the part you want to be! She is authentic, loud and the sweetest. Lina thank you for following the path of the plant medicine, so much gratitude in this part of the world to cherish this way of living. Sarita, thank you for bringing back my inner goddess in connection with my spirits as Allegria in all the movements we did in this week. Together with Navaya you both were so professional and a lot of fun!

I know my conscious path is to have joy but I couldn't leave the illusion that I am not crazy and wanted to stay in my survival loop. If it doesn't feel safe you stay in the surviving loop. I am still learning to listen to my spirits and be aware of my time and goals. To say more no and that I don't have the obligation to explain myself. 

My body and mind are feeling so much better but also different as like a reset. Everything feels different and I feel so humble and I want to live even more intensive as I already do. I can do my inner moves from a deep gratitude and a way of living. I got that shit! The surviving way brought me a lot of teachings but to learn more about my identity I need to stay present and  awar of my body and feelings. My heart portal is the only way to feel and to celebrate life with every cell of my body.

To unlearn and to feel energetic clean is a privilege and to build the right path for my children here in this part of the world is a way of unconditional love, it should be a party on earth together and not alone"!

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